Saturday, August 25, 2012

                 Moving on >>>>>
See the glow ahead, or is it the happiness so bright that's behind??

My sister brought this, 'moving on' to my attention with startling clarity,
but accepting that and believing in it are two totally different things.
 And for you to actually do it? That’s a brand new subject for you.

She said (repeating a conversation she had with a stubborn acquaintance), “first you go to primary school, and then to middle school, high school, university, get married…it’s all moving on ‘unconditionally’, and so….” It’s one of those sentences that don’t have an apt ending. It just says, with raised eyebrows, “Get a real life and stop hanging on to fantasy pasts or ideals”

But can one really break away from those clinging fantasies?  

Truly, truly?