Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not only about Google

I'm sure everybody out there today is either saying, 'Guess who's birthday is today?' or 'Today Google is 14 years old!' And the majority who hears this will answer, 'Only 14 years old?'

All right you kids of the world, who of you are older and cleverer than our young Master/Miss Google today??

Anyway, like I said this post is not all about the egoistic Know-it-All-Google, but the pressure of the 'Naming' ceremony of the poor children of the Internet and their likes.

Here you go, when the world was still peeping at their faces in their respective cradles.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Street Photography

''If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it's a street photograph” -Bruce Gilden
Okay, I don't even know who 'Bruce Gilden' is,  I Just took his quote because it fits.
Anyway, I'm not going to delve into the whole study, ethics, and position of Street Phography, it only caught my attention because of the name of a Street Photragher's book.
And what made me(who is not that all interested in photos of any kind) take a closer look at this book, was the Book cover itself.
A child that you don't even know the expression of its face, because he has he's back to you, little bare shoulders poking out of his vest, venturing into a dark, forgotten, once glamorous (probably) mansion.
I didn't 'read' the ebook, I just scrolled through the pictures.
If there ever is pictures that; ''Every picture tells a story'' than its a Street Photographer's unposed for pictures.