Thursday, January 26, 2012

eReader for Blackberry Curve

I recently came into acquaintance with Blackberry, but for my part was not happy about it.
Every eReader I downloaded didn't work properly coming up with some problem or the other.
Mobipocket worked just fine on my previous device,
but not with this 'handheld.'
Quite frantic, and irritated and all I could do was
glare down at that sleek device that isn't accommodating my needs.
So this is what I found on technobuzz (a great website), but still have to experiment with on said device.

4 Ways to Turn Your Mobile Phone Into an E-reader

Hope it works for me, otherwise I'm giving up on the wretched device.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Costa Concordia disaster

Name:                            Costa Concordia
Built:                               2006
Length:                           290.2 m (951.8 ft
Passengers (norm.):      3,000
Passengers (max):        3,700
Crew:                              1,100

Service speed:               20.0 knots

Maiden voyage:             14 July 2006

Last Voyage:                 13 January 2012

The cruise ship that capsized on the 13th of Jan 2012
off shore the Isola del Gilio, neart the western coast of Italy.

Concordia means "harmony" or "with one heart" in the original Latin.

Ironic, isn't it?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cueva de los Cristales

or Cave of Crystals.

A thousand feet below the Naica mines, exists the Cave of Crystals.

A true splendour to behold!

But to do so, one has to endure the heat of the Naica mines,
under which no more than a mile below the surface magma resides.

Within the caves itself the temperature rests somewhere at 112 degrees farenheit,
and according to National Gegraphic with a 90 to 100 percent in humidity.

Ultimately, each visit qualifies the probability of a heartstroke.

But, wouldn’t the beauty itself risk a person’s heart in the first place?

Due to these temperatures, human exposure is only permitted for 10 minutes at a time,
and so the caves are yet to be revealed to the human eye.

And that is precisely what I love the most about this underworld.

Isn’t itGod’s way of protecting his hidden beauties from the prying ‘experimenting’ hands
of human scientists in the name of ‘research’.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Catching sayings from the 21st Century

''If you want to toe the line, if you want to be some corporate guy and say the right things, do the right things, you might be okay in the media's eye, but it won't be real for me."  - Anthony Mundine

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a lot of moving?

Mind you, ain't that a good enough reason for not letting in fresh air into this stuffy blog?
From computers, clothes, appliances, tennis tables, and cats!
Now that we’re settled in the ‘new house’ I wish I could move all over again.
You know it’s a feeling that enters the blood, or triggers some dormant nerve ending that makes you want to rush on and on.
And I had this idea, as seeing how much fun and arguments we had in decorating our house, that you feel like to do just that, but alas, for the others will not agree with me.
Decorate a house, put it on sale and move on…
But no, Rikks said, “You mad? You want to leave this house of ours?”
And Mom totally appalled at the fact of abandoning her new ‘gas stove.’
Hermy and the mole, well you know them, the only teenagers in the world content at sitting at home (well me too sometimes, why should I lie?).
Moze hadn’t had much to say. And Dad could only burst into lame laugher.
Oh well, but I still have something to scream about: